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Real couple share romantic POV sex on Sexy Hub
March 16, 2018
Real couple Elena Vega and Deny Lou are passionately kissing in bed, letting their hands explore every inch of each other's bodies. As they sensually make out, Deny lifts Elena's shirt and sucks on her beautiful boobs. Tickling her as he moves lower on the bed, Deny slowly removes Elena's panties so he can kiss her pussy. Slowly teasing her labia, Deny licks around Elena's hole, then recites the alphabet on her clitoris. Excited, Elena climbs on top of Deny so they can 69, and while getting his cock sucked, Deny makes sure to get Elena's pussy and ass even more wet. They fuck passionately in an assortment of positions, then after some fast fucking on their side, Deny pulls out of Elena and cums on her pussy.

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