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Nikki Nuttz comes home from a business trip abroad to see his young blonde wife Zazie Skymm waiting for him. Nikki doesn't even have time to set down his suitcase before Zazie demands a foot massage. A dutiful husband, Nikki gets right to rubbing, and Zazie moans with delight. Getting on his knees, Nikki then kisses a trail down Zazie's thighs before licking and sucking her pink pussy. Feeling frisky thanks to her husband's devotion, Zazie undoes Nikki's belt and starts sucking his big dick, then leans back in her chair and gives him a footjob. The newlyweds then share a passionate session of sensuality, fucking doggystyle and cowgirl on the back deck until Zazie begs Nikki to cum in her mouth.

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