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Babes in the wood have threesome on Sexy Hub
July 21, 2019
Blonde babes Aislin, Lovita Fate, and Zazie Skymm are walking in the woods, and the ladies get lost. Frustrated, Aislin consults her GPS in hopes of returning to civilization, and Lovita and Zazie take advantage of the distraction to hide from their lesbian lover. Aislin gets scared, and searches for her girlfriends, and when her phone dies, she starts to freak out. With heightened tensions, Lovita and Zazie surprise Aislin from behind, and then kiss and caress her. Zazie pulls down Aislin's shorts while Lovita kisses her neck, then Aislin moans with delight as she feels Zazie's tongue lick her wet pussy. The ladies then head back to their abode where they continue to focus on Aislin. Zazie becomes the next center of attention when Lovita and Aislin lick her tits and pussy, and then giggling coquettishly, Aislin and Zazie make Lovita cum too!

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