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Shy girl takes her first big cock on Sexy Hub
October 16, 2017
Young, beautiful, and in love, Sandra Bell sits on Angelo's lap in her underwear, kissing her boyfriend deeply and tasting his lips. Dressed in only soft-colored underwear, the pair embrace for a lengthy period of time, exploring each other's bodies all the while. Overcome with emotion, Sandra drops to her knees in front of Angelo, taking his thick cock out, stroking it softly, and then giving him a blowjob. After a few minutes, Angelo moves Sandra to the bet where he takes her pussy into his mouth, tasting her sweet juices and probing her with his tongue. Her big tits bounce back and forth as Angelo gives it to her hard from behind in doggystyle, then switches her to missionary so he can look into her eyes. By the time the blonde babe has cum several times, Angelo is ready to erupt, and his seed explodes all over the smooth skin of her alabaster stomach.

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