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Bubble Bath and Pussy Licking Fun on Sexy Hub
Daphne Angel
Bath time is always fun in the Zen/Angel household. After a long day at work, Kira and Daphne like to get naked and soaped up and fantasize about being somewhere tropical. But it always leads to more. Today, Kira is turned on by the feel of Daphne's big all-natural breasts in the soap foam, but she's never seen her pussy underwater! Taking the small camera Daphne keeps for these sultry occasions, Kira plunges it into the bathwater to take a pic of Daphne's perfect shaved pussy. And when Daphne rises from the bathwater, her curvy body covered in foam, those puffy nipples on display, Kira can't wait to finger her to a breathless, wet orgasm.

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